It’s no secret HR technology has come a long way from where it was even a few years ago. Now it’s become one of the foremost drivers of change in the HR department.


If you’ve recently adopted some new HR tech or you’re considering upgrading what you have, you might be wondering how to maximize your investment. How can you get the most out of the new technology you’re bringing in?

These five tips will help you use your new technology to its highest potential in the HR department, both today and tomorrow.

1. Be Sure to Invest in Training for Your HR Technology

New technology is very useful, but only if you know how to employ it properly. A tool is just a tool. It’s how you use it that matters.

To this end, you’ll want to be sure you’re investing in training for your staff. If no one in your HR department knows how to use the new technology, you can be sure you’re not getting the highest possible return on your investment.

Training will show your team how to use the tool efficiently and effectively.

2. Get What You Need

If you can get both what you need and what you want when it comes to technology for HR, that’s fantastic. If what you want doesn’t have what you need, however, you should keep looking.

Be sure any technology you adopt for the HR department is meeting your needs. Many HR professionals make the mistake of getting drawn in by bells and whistles. Yes, the interface is pretty, but does the platform do what you need it to do?

By assessing your needs before considering any solution, you’ll be in a better position to find the right technology.

3. Pick Platform Solutions, Not One-Off Programs

In the past, you likely had one program to take care of payroll, one to deal with benefits administration, another for recruiting, and yet another for time management and scheduling.

What if you could get a program that deals with most or all of these functions? An integrated HR platform solution is the way to go. It ensures information moves between separate modules seamlessly, and it can help you do more than ever before.

4. Update Your Processes to Accommodate

Once you’ve made the decision to adopt new technology for your HR department, it’s time to evaluate your HR processes and align them with the new solution. If you adopt an applicant tracking system, you’ll need to update your hiring and screening processes to account for this new technology.

The same is true if you adopt a chatbot to lead new hires through some of your onboarding. You’ll need to revise the materials provided. If you adopt a self-service platform for payroll or benefits, you’ll need to adjust your processes here as well.

5. Review and Measure Success

When you adopt technology for HR, you want to keep an eye on ROI. You can do so by measuring your implementation and reviewing your process. By doing so, you’ll be able to determine if what you adopted truly meets your needs.

Reviewing the process will also prepare you for the next time you need to adopt technology in the HR department, either to upgrade this system or to take advantage of a new technological advance.

These tips will help ensure you’re making good decisions when it comes to adopting the right HR technology for your organization. They can also help you get more out of the platform you adopt.