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Companies founded from a cause are in business to change their part of the world day in and day out. They have a purpose beyond making money. The foundation of JungoHR was built from the Apri Group of Companies and their unique expertise within the benefits space. For thirty years this company’s mission was to help ensure quality of life. Focusing on the mantra that ‘Life is meant to be lived, fully and freely’. Life is meant to be “lived as planned.” Our story began with a moment in time many years ago, when one woman and her young daughter changed the founder Darwyne Lang’s life forever. In that moment, he chose to zag from the competition and sought to become a beacon with a living principle rooted in “caring for people” Darwyne soon joined forces with partners Mario Malatesta and Lisa Curic from GroupQuest. Together, they turned a small organization with a large vision into a national team with offices across Canada focused on helping Canadians and their families through the JungoHR Hub. They work hard every day to make a positive difference in Canadian lives.

A Canadian company with a purpose

Today we are positively impacting over 1,000,000 lives with an objective of helping more and more every day. Our mission is to continue to leverage technology, deep insider knowledge, and industry respect to ensure Canadians are cared for and:
  1. Continue to live life as they once planned.
  2. Return to the more stable course as they originally planned.
  3. Protect employees and their families in the event of unforeseen catastrophic events.

Our mission is to ensure hardworking Canadians are living life fully and freely.


JungoHR is the extension of our caring strategy

JungoHR was launched in 2017 to directly support the human resource role in organizations with 20 to 50,000+ lives. This HR Hub – Canada’s first – was introduced with two fundamental objectives: to take back time and provide extensive HR knowledge. JungoHR helps ensure HR realizes, both personally and professionally, the opportunity to drive a competitive advantage through the most important asset in an organization – its people. JungoHR is one brand with a broad range of best-in-class industry experts that clients can access when/if they need them. JungoHR’s HR Hub is truly a living, breathing HR partner.

Jungo is Latin for bridge (to bind together, connect, couple, interlace, harness, link) and acts as a solution that bridges the gap between employees, employers, and carriers.

Together, we can ensure HR has all tools: time, technology, connectivity and expertise to drive positive change for employees and their families. Together, we can ensure all hardworking Canadians are living life as planned… including the human resources role in all organizations, regardless of size. With gratitude, Darwyne Lang signature Darwyne Lang

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