Core Hr

Gain control with a complete business framework

CoreHR consolidates all your employee information into one secure, searchable HR platform. No more spreadsheets, emails, sticky notes, and disorganized filing cabinets—Core HR is your complete digital library where all employee records are kept.



Document employee exit dates and other relevant information. Create and upload an employee checklist that keeps track of tasks that need to be completed when an employee leaves your organization. Collect all assets, carry out exit interviews, and complete a final settlement. As HR finish each item they are checked off the list.

News & Announcements

Archive company news, & announcements. Add new announcements and quickly share them company-wide. In one click you can share updates, news and information on each employee’s dashboard as a simple pop-up. Or, opt-in and have updates sent directly to employee emails.


Real-time reports and analysis give insight into your business units, teams, and projects. Get instant access to the information you’re looking for with powerful filtering tools.

Manage your business with ease

CoreHR is the foundation of a strong business framework. With often time-intensive tasks out of the way, your people can get back to what really matters.