As 2021 kicks into higher gear, many HR managers and business leaders have big questions on their minds. Perhaps surprisingly, one of those questions is how to ensure employees are happier and healthier than ever.

If you look at last year’s trajectory, it’s not hard to see why. You want to keep the talent you have so you can keep operating. Trying to bring in all new staff would mean even more upheaval for most businesses. Keeping employees happy is key. Healthy, happy employees are also more motivated and more productive—both keys in a challenging environment where remote work dominates the landscape.

One of the best things you can do as an employer is review your company culture. How does company culture promote health and happiness to your team? We’ve got the inside scoop.


Company Culture Focuses on Values

Let’s start by thinking about what company culture is. One easy way to define it is to think of your “culture” as being your company values in action. Values statements are “talking the talk,” but company culture is “walking the walk.”

This can also explain how companies sometimes end up out of step with their values statements. They might say they value team work, but individual rewards structures and a focus on competition to achieve goals could undermine that statement.

Your employees are attuned to your company culture, and they can see when your values are truly being reflected. So, if you say you value employee health, then you must implement the structures within the company to support that.

What would this look like? It could mean giving your employees flexible benefits that let them pay for what they need, such as registered massage therapy or prescription medications. It might mean making sure they have access to telemedicine appointments so they can get medical advice without needing to travel or take time off. It could even look like providing them with access to meditation apps to support their mental health and wellbeing.

Thus, a company that says they value employees’ health and then offers these supports to help employees achieve and maintain good health is “walking the walk.”


How Company Culture Promotes Happiness

Your company culture promotes employee happiness in a few different ways. First, it can give them access to the tools and benefits they feel they need to succeed or challenge them while they’re working.

The match between employees and your company is also important. One employee may feel they require plenty of structure and guidance, along with clearly established roles. If your company values less hierarchy and more flexibility when it comes to decision-making, then this employee could feel lost or unsupported. Similarly, an employee who is incredibly motivated by competition may realize they can’t find the drive to perform in a company that values teamwork over all else.

When your team members align with your company culture, they’ll feel more supported and motivated. That, in turn, promotes productivity and confidence.


How to Drive Company Culture Forward

The first step is to identify what your company values. How will you support your employees? Do you want to give them the latest technological tools so they can accomplish more in less time? Maybe you want to help them achieve better work-life balance, so you emphasize flexible scheduling and remote work.

Technology is often a key part of putting your values into action. Helping employees support their wellbeing might be in the form of an app or telemedicine. Tracking employee goals and giving them constructive feedback can be done with a human resources information system.

Once you’ve identified what values you want your company to embody, you can start putting the tools and policies in place to support it.

Wondering what tools you could use to drive your company culture forward? Get in touch with us to learn more about the HRIS, benefits options, and so much more!