There’s no doubt that company culture is an important consideration for every organization. Having a clear culture can help you both attract and retain the right employees. They, in turn, can help you build your business over the long term.

The question for many employers is how they can drive company culture forward. One way is to create policies. Another is to offer the right benefits.

More than anything though, company culture is driven forward by “extracurriculars”—the fun stuff you and your employees do to build relationships with each other as people, not just co-workers.

This year has definitely made it difficult to engage in your regular organizational events. What can you do bring the team together for some fun?

You can try some of these event ideas on for size.

Have a Positivity or Motivational Chat

At the end of the year, people like to reflect on what happened in the last 12 months. They may also start looking forward to plans for next year.

This year, this kind of reflective mood might be a bit hard on people. They may not feel positive about the past or the future.

One thing you can do is set up a chat or Zoom meeting to focus on positivity and motivation. Ask everyone to reflect on something positive this year. It might be a big life event or something they accomplished. Nothing is too big or too small to share.

You may want to consider hosting this chat monthly or weekly on an ongoing basis. It can help people filter out some negativity and pessimistic feelings. It also lets people share in each other’s excitement and accomplishments.

This is an informal type of chat, so let the conversation progress naturally. If someone just had a new baby, then other employees may want to share family stories. Sharing pictures (as appropriate) could also be encouraged. Some people might want to mention their “fur babies”—and who doesn’t love pet pictures?

Play Some (Socially Distanced) Games

Another way to use Zoom or chat features like Slack is to organize some fun team games. Charades are one option. There may be an online version of pictogram you can play together.

There are plenty of games specifically designed to foster teamwork and fun. You might even ask team members to do something like a scavenger hunt in their house or their local area. Ask them to take a picture of something pink or share some beauty. This can be fun, as well as help to spark creativity and connection between team members.

Host a Movie Matinee

A matinee is a great option for your team. Pick a film or two, then dial in to a Zoom call and watch the movie together online.

You might want to try some Mystery Science Theater 3000, where everyone offers their commentary on the film. This is particularly fun if you’ve all seen the film before or you choose a so-bad-it’s-good film.

If your team members have kids, you could make the event family-friendly and invite everyone participate. If anyone doesn’t wish to watch the film, you can offer them a couple hours off instead.

Organize a MasterClass

Finally, you and your team can participate in a skill-building workshop or class. MasterClass is a good example of online courses offered by the experts on almost anything.

This doesn’t need to be work-related either. You could choose a class on playing the piano or baking, so long as everyone is excited.

If the team agrees, then you might want to organize your own “master class.” Maybe you ask everyone to share about their hobby and teach some basics, or you have one team member lead everyone through a new skill they want to learn.

Get Creative with Your Events

No matter what your company culture is like, there are ways to drive it forward through fun events. These events keep your team members happy, in touch with each other, and make them feel like part of the team.

The only limit is your imagination!

Driving company culture forward is easier with the right technology in hand. Discover what technology like an HR Hub can do for you and your team.