E Signatures

Simplify document signing

No need to sacrifice time, money or security when requesting signatures on sensitive documentation. e-Signatures enable employees and partners to easily sign documents electronically, by typing or drawing their personal signature. Environmentally friendly, secure and cost-efficient, e-signatures are the ideal way to handle sensitive documentation.


e-Signature Dashboard

Fully-loaded dashboard that displays a visual representation of all pending and signed documents.

Pending Documents

Includes all information pertaining to documents awaiting signage. Including who needs to sign (ex. Employee), which document is required and deadline—the date the document is due.


Clearly defined, step-by-step process for creating and/or uploading new documents for signing.

Employee View

Available under “My Dashboardâ€, employees can view all documents requiring signage. This view contains the employee name, signature deadline and a signature box that allows for easy signing.

Reduce administrative tasks

Discover how e-Signatures can help streamline the signing and receiving of time-sensitive documentation.