Health Medical

Address the healthcare needs of your employees.

With today’s competitive talent pool, understanding employees’ motivations and expectations is critical to workplace productivity and business success. Research shows that employees are looking for customizable, prevention-focused benefits programs that save time, prioritize work-life balance and provide quick access to healthcare for their families.

Reality of healthcare in Canada today:

  • 20% of Canadians wait 7+ days to see their doctors
  • 61% of family doctors say they can’t accommodate urgent appointments
  • 40,000 Canadians visit an ER every year just to renew prescriptions
  • 68% of Canadians skip or avoid medical appointments due to barriers like long wait times
  • Canadians take 2-6 days off per year for doctors visits; those with kids take double
  • Only 9% of Canadian employers currently offer health and medical insurance

Why invest in healthcare tools for your business?

Canadians are already monitoring their health through their mobile devices. It’s not surprising that most Canadian employees want access to telemedicine and virtual care services to supplement in-person visits with their doctors.

Responsible companies understand health benefits also protect the bottom line: each year, health-related employee absenteeism equates to an estimated $16-billion or more in direct lost revenue to Canadian employers. With people taking 2 – 6 days off per year for physician-related visits (double that figure for Canadians with kids), and each visit taking away approximately two hours of time from the workplace, the financial benefits of virtual healthcare equate to thousands of dollars in savings per employee annually due to reduced absenteeism.

HR Hub Health & Medical services include:

  • 24/7 text and video chat support from a team of healthcare practitioners
  • Virtual prescription renewals, specialist referrals, and lab requisitions
  • Complete and instant access to health records for consults over the app
  • On-demand virtual healthcare for individuals and their family members

With our healthcare tools you receive 24/7 virtual health consultations and services available for all employees and their family members, keeping your employees healthy, happy, and productive.