With renewed lockdowns all across Canada, remote work is sticking around a little longer. Some of us might even make WFH policies a permanent part of our employment contracts.

It’s important to keep employee morale high. There are quite a few different tactics you can use, but one of the most important is to virtually celebrate your teams’ wins.

We’ll walk you through how to ensure your team is being celebrated and why it is so important.

How to Celebrate Wins for Your Team

A “win” can be almost anything—and in this climate, you should be looking for positive things to celebrate. Did the team finish a major project in record time? Exceed their sales goal? Win over a notoriously tough client? Any of the above could be considered a win.

Wins may also be personal in nature. An employee who overcomes a challenging task might want congratulations from their team. Someone meeting their personal goals might also deserve some recognition, especially if they’ve been more than pulling their weight for the team as a whole.

So, how can you celebrate any of these wins? In-person, you might have recognized great efforts during a meeting or held a party. What can you do to celebrate when you’re not able to meet up?

Use the HRIS or Send an Email

Your first step in celebrating wins is always to use your HRIS to notify the team and congratulate them. If you don’t have an HRIS just yet, then sending an email is a good fallback.

This email can be sent to the entire team as an update, congratulating them on their success. You might want to send two separate messages if there’s a small group of people involved in the win. A more personalized message goes to the group, while a second “announcement” message can go out to the entire department or company. You may even include this in something like a monthly newsletter or bulletin.

Recognition during a meeting can also be an excellent way of acknowledging wins.

Throw a Virtual “Party”

Another way to celebrate the teams’ wins is to have a virtual party. Almost anything works here, so long as you’re getting the team together for a “treat” or “reward” for a job well done.

If you want to have a “pizza party” or something similar, invite employees to arrive to their digital event with their snack of choice. If everyone lives in an area with UberEats or SkiptheDishes accessibility, you might be able to send them vouchers or gift cards so they can get something delivered.

The party might be a small event, such as a congratulation for a small team completing a big project. It could also be company-wide if, say, you won a huge new contract or did well with an IPO.

Offer a Small Reward

Offering vouchers or gift cards could also be an incentive on its own. You could offer a prize for team members who meet or exceed their sales goal for the month, for example.

You might also reward productivity, outstanding support to other teammates, or some other quality. The reward doesn’t need to be big to make a difference.

Why Does It Matter?

Mental health for Canadian workers continues to erode in the face of the pandemic. Even in a non-pandemic situation, it’s important to take steps to keep your employees motivated and happy.

In the pandemic environment, with everyone working from home, it’s easy to feel disconnected and like your contributions don’t matter. By celebrating wins together virtually, you can show your team their contributions are appreciated. In turn, they’ll feel more motivated and positive.

Don’t have an HRIS yet? It’s time to invest in one! Even after the pandemic ends, WFH and celebrating wins are going to be important in the workplace of the future. Having the right technology makes it easier to support your remote workers.