For a lot of us, the pandemic has felt like a state of limbo. Can we reopen soon, or will lockdown restrictions remain in place? Will things eventually get back to “normal”? Should we be planning for a brighter future or a dimmer one?

It’s tough to tell where we’re going to end up—and when. Just a few weeks ago, people were predicting a “lockdown summer” in Canada. Now, federal modelling is saying vaccine rollout might mean those restrictions could lift a little sooner. In the US, there are signs of the pandemic ending, with the CDC updating its guidelines to ease restrictions. In other parts of the world, the pandemic seems to be growing worse by the minute.

You may find it easier to take a “one day at time” approach. You might make business growth plans for what seems to be a far-off future. After all, growth may not seem possible in the current environment.

Growth is quite possible, though. In fact, if you want to grow your business after the pandemic, you should focus on growing it during the pandemic. Here’s how.

Retool What You Do

The first step to growing your business during the pandemic is to rethink what you offer and how you offer it. Restaurants have been a great example. Many have switched from being dine-in only environments to offering curbside pick-up and take-out. Some have even specialized in prepackaged meals or “meal prep kits,” helping customers make delicious meals from home.

Other industries offer similar insights. Counsellors of all stripes have gone online. Connecting with them can be more readily done via a secure app.

These initiatives may allow you to keep the clientele you already have. You might even be able to reach new people or encourage customers to buy more from you more often.

Branch Out into Something New

The examples above are retooling. They take the core service the business offered and repackage it to better fit the current environment. This could allow the business to grow during the pandemic, but it also sets the stage for growth after.

If you’re looking to grow during the pandemic though, you might want to consider offering something a bit different. Is there a related field you’ve always wanted to tap, but haven’t had the time?

Consulting work is a good example for many businesses. Running everyday operations might not leave enough time for meeting up with clients to share your insights and expertise. Maybe you could offer research or social media assistance to your customers as well.

Adding new services is an excellent way to continue to grow your business during the pandemic. You may attract new clients, as well as encourage existing clients to add to their accounts.

Get the Right Technology

As you rethink the services you offer and branch out into new areas, you’ll want the right technology behind you.

This might include technology that keeps track of customer contacts. It could also include technology that helps you make the right hires, so you can expand the team the right way.

Technology like an HRIS can help you discover efficiencies in HR processes like payroll and hiring. It could help you keep track of productivity and time on projects, which can assist with a price estimate. It also helps you plan your team’s time.

You might not think HR-focused technology like the HRIS could help you grow your business, but they can streamline HR functions and assist your team’s productivity. In turn, your team delivers better service and builds better relationships with your customers. That then leads to growth, as happy customers return to your business time and again. They also tell others.

There are plenty of options you can explore to set your business up for growth, both during and after the pandemic. The right technology is always a step in the right direction.