HR is changing. This is an inarguable fact. HR is changing because the workplace is changing—modernizing. With four generations in the workplace, HR professionals are seeing new employee needs arise, including a focus on health and wellness.


JungoHR Hub - Benefits, HR Legal, Health, Wellness, HRISAs the workplace shifts to adapt to the needs of a multi-generational workforce, so too does the HR function. Improved technologies, benefit offerings and strategy are necessary for HR to operate. Enter the HR Hub—a web of strategic partnerships that support HR departments, offering access to traditional and modern HR functions.

The HR Hub is founded on partnerships. Each partnership aims to meet a unique HR pain point, helping to solve HR problems that can stand in the way of successful strategy execution.

A Benefits Partner that Mixes Traditional and Modern Offerings

The HR Hub is a support network for human resources. As a disruptive force in the HR world, it aims to provide choice to organizations looking to support a diverse workforce. A major part of the HR Hub is our benefits partner.

Considering the wide-ranging demographics of the modern workforce, our benefits partner provides a mix of traditional and contemporary benefit offerings.

Through the HR hub a business can provide access to health and dental, pensions while also gaining access to less traditional offerings such as:

  • Catastrophic coverage
  • Wellness Spending Account (WSA)
  • Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

Health and Wellness Coach

In 2020, health and wellness benefits rank at the top of the list of most wanted employee benefits. Partnering with the JungoHR Hub makes it easy to provide these benefits to your employees.

The JungoHR Hub includes a Health and Wellness Coach in the form of a lifestyle app. This all-inclusive platform supports businesses as they build out a health and wellness program. The app includes personalized coaching and easy to complete micro-activities ranging from 30s to two minutes, ensuring employees working at desks are able to get the daily required movement.  

HR Employment & Labour Law Support

HR professionals wear many hats. They’re administrators, mediators, and strategists. On top of all that they must also be well-versed in employment and labour law.

Staying up to date with changing laws can, however, be difficult. Having access to legal experts focused on labour law ensures your HR department remains compliant, never missing an important change.

The HR Hub includes access to employment and labour experts that provide exceptional legal and HR expertise. 

Third Party Administration (TPA)

Third Party Administration (TPA)—wherein a company provides operational support processing insurance claims and employee benefits management—can be a massive help when it comes to administrative tasks.

While automation can streamline these tasks, having a third-party handle them entirely frees up a lot of time, and removes a lot of hassle. The HR Hub recognizes this fact and supports HR’s need for more time by including access to a superb TPA.

Accessing a TPA ensures your business:

  • Has easy access to top insurance companies
  • Eliminates the need to re-enroll employees
  • Handles all benefits related changes, including new hires, terminations, salary changes, etc.
  • Tracks changes with your carrier using information from the system.

Full-service benefits administration means faster payments and simplified renewals. It also keeps your rates lower through carrier connectivity.

Healthcare Partner

The future of healthcare is 24-hour access. The HR Hub provides access to a virtual healthcare provider that offers access to round-the-clock health consultations for busy employees.

With access to a virtual healthcare partner, your employees can receive medical advice from certified professionals in the comfort of their own home. Employees and their families can speak with medical professionals via text and video conferencing. They can receive prescription renewals, lab requisitions and specialist referrals—through their phone, tablet or computer.

HR Technology for Improved People Management

The HR hub is more than expert partnerships. It also includes superior HR technology. The JungoHR Human Resource Information System (HRIS), combines HR expertise with cutting-edge technology that supports the HR function.

The JungoHR HRIS includes CORE modules for:

  • Benefits
  • Leave Management
  • Onboarding
  • CoreHR
  • e-Signatures
  • Forms
  • Reporting

HRIS technology supports HR departments through automation, organization, and centralized employee data. It enables management to connect with employees quickly and efficiently, and provides easy access to policies, benefits information and business goals—making it easy to align employees with the business’s bottom-line.

Everything You Need. All in One Place.

The HR Hub is the future of human resources. Access to these partnerships makes it easy for HR departments to meet the shifting needs of employees—of all generations.

The beauty of the HR Hub is that it leaves room to grow. It’s constantly evolving in order to help businesses provide their employees with the best and most modern support available.