In the new hybrid work environment, having the right technology is more important than ever before. Even more than that, though, you also need to have the right provider behind you. After all, the technology is often only as good as the team administering it.

So, how do you choose the right HRIS provider for your business? You can look for some of these qualities.

Providing Value with the HRIS

The first thing you’ll want to look for in an HRIS provider is the value you’re getting from them. There’s no doubt that some HRIS options are more affordable than others. You should always carefully examine what you’re getting with them.

Some low-cost HRIS options may not provide everything you want or need. They may lack functionality, security, or something else.

By contrast, some providers offer excellent value. The dollar amount on the bill might be a bit more, but you can be sure you’re getting all the features and functionality you require.

Occasionally, you can find a provider who offers the best of both worlds. For example, you might be able to get the HRIS you need for free by signing up for another service. In this case, you’re getting great value and you’re checking off multiple HR needs.

Outstanding Customer Service

You’ll want to consider another side of the value equation when you’re looking for a new HRIS provider. Sometimes, value comes in the form of customer service and support.

You might be able to get a low-cost HRIS with a provider who doesn’t offer much support. They may be largely self-service, leaving you to figure out how to operate and implement your new technology.

Other providers offer more support. They might help you get the HRIS set up and running. They may also offer support to help you troubleshoot the system, upgrade it, and more.

If you’re trying to decide between different providers, assess their customer service. Take a look at third-party reviews and see how other customers have rated them. You can also evaluate the service you get when you ask for a quote or demonstration.

A provider with a commitment to great customer experiences is usually dedicated to service and staying on top of trends in technology too. You can be sure you’re getting a better product.

A One-Stop Shop for Your HR Needs

Finally, look for an HRIS provider who does more for you. Sure, you could go to the provider who only offers the HRIS.

A better option is always a provider who offers more. What are the basic features of the HRIS, and what upgrades are available? Can you manage benefits and onboarding? What about payroll and recruitment?

Look for a provider who also offers services beyond the HRIS. Can you get help managing your new health and wellness program? What about assistance with benefits expertise or even compliance?

Even if you don’t need everything they have to offer at the moment, you’ll have room to grow with them. By contrast, if you sign up with a company that offers only the HRIS, you may find yourself quickly on the hunt for a new provider.

A company that does more also helps you in getting more from the HRIS itself. With connectivity and data in one central bank, you can link the HRIS to different HR processes. In turn, you’ll find more insights and higher efficiency.

Discover a Better HRIS Providers

Having the right technology is only half the battle. Having the right provider on your side is just as important, if not more.

Thinking about a new partner for your HRIS? Get in touch with our team and discover how we can deliver more value when you bundled management of your group benefits with an HRIS.