Have you felt busier than usual? Is your HR team feeling a little overwhelmed? While many organizations have slowed down or even had to halt their operations, the HR department has stayed busy.

The pandemic has presented all sorts of new challenges to manage. From managing sick leave to implementing new technology (and policies to go along with it), HR has more on their plate than ever before.

What are HR leaders contending with, and what can you do to help? The right technological tools and a great support team could be just the ticket.

The Switch to Remote Work

The change to remote work, and then the transition back to hybrid offices and in-person work, has kept your HR team hopping over the last 18 months.

When the pandemic first broke out, many organizations made the shift to remote work. New policies needed to be put in place for new positions transitioning to remote work, even in businesses who had some remote workers already. Those policies already in place had to be refined and managed as new challenges and situations emerged.

There’s also been the challenge of transitioning back to in-person work, as well as managing the “hybrid” office. Can employees shift back and forth, creating more flexible schedules? This might vary from team to team, position to position.

Managing schedules and keeping an eye on employee productivity is easier with tools like a human resources information system

Government Guidelines, Health Protocols, and More

Governments and health authorities have issued changing guidelines and protocols for businesses operating in their jurisdictions because of the pandemic. Lockdowns have made running the business more complex, from opening hours to number of staff.

Your HR team may also be trying to implement new health and safety protocols, such as social distancing, masking, and even proper ventilation or sanitization of work stations. Scheduling is also important. Can you keep certain teams of people together on the same shift, so that they’re only exposed to one group of people?

Contact tracing, notification, and new protocols about “outbreaks” also challenge your HR team. There’s also the added stress of leave management. Most provinces have added programs to help employees self-isolate and quarantine if necessary, in addition to extending leaves for family and childcare responsibilities.

Are Your Employees Engaged?

The pandemic has taken a toll on almost everyone’s mental health, especially as it continued through the winter and spring. While many people are hopeful about the summer and fall, there’s also a lot of apprehension.

Employees who are worried might be feeling anxious or restless. They may have a hard time concentrating. Other employees could be struggling to find the drive that usually motivates them.

Employees who are working in remote environments can face additional challenges. They may have trouble with new technology, or they might be suspicious of their co-workers. Heightened emotions can make people difficult to get along with.

In turn, you may find that you need to spend more time managing employee engagement and satisfaction. How can you keep team members motivated? Could you encourage them to take care of themselves while also making sure they get their work done on time and to the highest standard?

Although this is not always on the top of HR’s list, it’s probably the most difficult challenge to address. The good news is that the right technology could help here too. Everything from video conferences to wellness apps to your HRIS’s goal-tracking settings can help you keep your employees engaged and satisfied.

Need a Hand?

Whether you need a helping hand deciding on new wellness benefits or you want a powerful HRIS to help you track goals, manage leave, and so much more, JungoHR is here for you. Get in touch with our team and discover what we can do to help your busy HR team manage more effectively, both today and tomorrow.