Leave Management

Transform the way you administer leave management

Eliminate administrative headaches and free up your HR team’s time for the work that matters. Automate the process from validating requests to routing them to approvals while tracking all employee leaves, accruals, and annual payouts.



With an automated system tracking employees’ time in and out, you’ll maximize productivity and ensure compliance with company policies. Web-based, card-based, and bio-clocking options are available for your convenience. Clock in wherever you are with any Android or iOS device. Clock in and out, track breaks, approve hours and more with just a few taps on the mobile app.


Track when employees are working and what they’re working on and gain valuable data on the productivity of your workforce. Timekeeping supports multi-source time entry. Mark attendance in three different ways: Biometrics Attendance, Time Clock (Attendance Box), Manual Attendance. Seamlessly integrate data with QuickBooks, Sage, Paychex, ADP, Xero and more.

Save Time

Approve or deny leaves at your convenience with the employee and manager self-service system. Implement carry-over rules and automatically apply them to accruals and annual pay-outs. Keep track of all tasks employees complete during work hours and gain the ability to see the number of hours an employee spends on a task per project. Count employee hours and pay them accordingly.

Employee Hours

Allow employees to enter hours worked for specific projects. Handy for on-site work locations—staff can enter information such as project, date, regular hours, overtime hours, and a description of the work completed. Manage holidays using a simple calendar integration. All dates added will appear on each employees’ events calendar.

Simply Leave Requests

Customize policy-based workflows, accept valid requests, automatically route them appropriately for approval, and then confirm the result to your employees. House all your policies in one central platform. Ensure all employees understand their leave entitlement to keep your entire workforce engaged and motivated.

Modernize your leave management process

Automate, track, and digitize employee leaves, accruals, tracking, and annual payouts while gaining valuable insight into your organization.