Empower your new hires starting with their first day

Automate your onboarding process to simplify operations, ensure consistency, and reduce errors. Our employee onboarding module makes it easier than ever to onboard new hires ensuring that their first experience with your organization is a great one from start to finish. Automating your customized onboarding process starts with JungoHR.


Use a Highly Configurable Platform

Create an onboarding process that fits your company’s unique requirements by incorporating all the onboarding tasks you need.

All Your Information in One Place

Bring order into your company. Everything from employee handbooks to training videos to basic questionnaires will be available at your employees’ fingertips in one convenient place.

Get the Whole Team Involved

Send notifications and action items to all staff and departments. Notify a manager to get a security pass or send a colleague to take the new employee out for lunch on their first day.

Provide Employees with Early Access

Have new hires review the employee handbook and other policies before their first day. When they arrive, HR won’t need to scramble to get things done.

Benefit from Employee Self-Service

Stop collecting a range of disparate data. Allow new hires to upload everything from banking information to driver’s licence copies to TD1 forms in their profiles.

Measure Your Employees’ Progress

Track your employees’ tasks to see what they’ve completed. Measure staff progress through checklists.Easily monitor and verify the completion of your onboarding process.


Mitigate legal and security threats with a formalized offboarding process. Gain honest employee feedback, and maintain potential rehire relationships.

Ready to streamline the hiring process?

A move to paperless onboarding processes can help you formalize your practices and improve your business.