Simplify the payroll management process

Enter data once, eliminate tons of paperwork, reduce errors in data entry and make getting information about salaries, raises, and get new hires into the payroll program much faster.


Embrace Automation

Input payroll automatically by loading from external sources or through data captured during timekeeping.

Build Accurate Pay Profiles

Use personnel data from Core HR to build accurate pay profiles for your entire workforce, including employees, contractors, and retirees.

Grant Employees Self-Service

Allow your employees to provide information like banking, government forms, and personal exemption details online.

Handle All Pay Types

Manage all pay cycles and types with ease—whether regular, adjustment, bonus, retro, or reversals—and perform special calculations as needed.

Easily Disburse Pay

Pay your employees in the most convenient way—whether with cheques or direct deposit.

Ensure Compliance and Prepare Remittances

Get up-to-date federal and provincial tax calculations for any type of pay being calculated. Enter government remittances, forms, filings, and registrations with tax authorities directly into the system.

Make payroll effortless

Join one of our weekly demonstrations to see how JungoHR can streamline your payroll processing.