Keep all your policies in one place

With the JungoHR policies module, your organizational policies here can be divided among different categories, such as HR Policies, Work Environment Policies, etc. This module is used for documentation purposes; any policy defined here can only be read by the employees who have read access to it. Policies can be defined as organization-wide, or as department-wide. If the organization-wide policy is defined, that policy is accessible to every employee in the organization. For department-wide policies, only employees in that particular department can access it making for a secure and private policy process.


Customized Policy Management

Create a customized policy management process inside the system easily that works for both management and the employee to streamline your policies.

Smart Device Enables

Our policies module is mobile optimized and smart device enabled so that you can access any policies as needed whether you are working from home, at the office or on the road.

Hierarchy Management

Limit visibility to certain policies based on company, location, department,job title, employee type, specific employees.

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