Optimize the hiring process

Create a more inviting and data-driven application process with pre-populated job descriptions, automated postings, social media integrations, criteria-based candidate ranking, and more. Making the best hiring decisions just got easier.



Save time by identifying the right candidates for the right job. Hiring managers will be able to keep a record of each applicant—making it easy to compare applicants’ skills, experience and their recruitment scores.

Job Requests

Easily submit requisitions for new employees to your HR Department. Managers can seamlessly create new forms, enter the required information about the job request—department, job title, qualifications, etc. Each new job request includes its own folder to house all necessary documents.

Job Posts

Efficiently manage new and existing job positions in your organization. Job posts can integrate with your company’s website, listing all job posts on your careers page. Any new information added to a job post will automatically update on your company’s website.

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