Improve The Effectiveness of HR Strategies

Get instant access to the information you’re looking for with powerful filtering tools. Better insights lead to better decision making.



Build detailed, extensive, and customizable reporting based on recruitment, employees and payroll. Export your reports in a variety of formats including: PDF, HTML, and MS EXCEL. Easily share reports via email with employees and relevant stakeholders.

Recruitment Reports

Streamline your recruitment process. Generate fully customizable reports based on which jobs are posted, candidate information.

Employee Summary

Build employee-specific reports. Customize your report to include additional information such as absences, qualifications, and complaints.

Timesheet Reports

Create timesheet reports by date, clock in time, breaks, and total hours worked. For a more complete report, incorporate multiple data fields to include break times and vacations taken.

Payroll Reports

Produce reports based on an employee’s payroll.

Employee Training Reports

Develop reports based on employee training. Track dates training occurred, trainer information, training subject and more.


Build unique, business-specific graphs to visually illustrate relationships in data, including salaries, employees by category, stations, departments and more.

Improve business outcomes

Ensure all decisions are based on real-time, accurate, and relevant data.