Build libraries of surveys for all business requirements quickly and easily

No more complicated survey builders, or survey tools that take forever only to collect a small amount of data. With the surveys module, you can easily create any and all surveys that you need with the click of a button.



Create libraries of external or internal commonly used surveys easily with the click of a mouse.

Custom Surveys

Build categories, show progress, allow anonymous filling, show or hide results, change formatting, add patterns and colors,add questions, listboxes, checkboxes, URLS into Surveys.

Detailed Survey Reports

See a dynamic dashboard of completed and pending Surveys. Run reports showing high level or detailed analysis and export the information as needed. Filter reports by employee, location, company, department, survey type and deadline.

Use Surveys for all aspects of managing your business and your people.

Build trust by understanding what matters to your employees. Build a better business by understanding where you need to focus.