Building a happy, productive workforce starts with a superior onboarding process. JungoHR’s 21-point checklist will ensure your new hires experience a successful transition into your company. 

Why Onboarding Matters

Onboarding has many positive benefits for an organization. When you build an effective onboarding process you:

  • Increase employee retention, satisfaction and engagement
  • Create a positive work environment where new hires feel secure
  • Enhance your company’s reputation

Building an Onboarding Workflow

An onboarding workflow is a dedicated outline for how you’ll process and integrate new hires within your company. Building an effective onboarding workflow ensures new employees receive the right support and information from the moment they join your company. 

Your onboarding workflow should aim to outline the tasks you need completed at each stage. This will help you move seamlessly from one step to the other.

Download JungoHR’s 2020 Onboarding Checklist

Whether you’re creating an onboarding workflow for the first time or looking to improve your current onboarding process, having a checklist that outlines the steps that will lead to onboarding success is vital.

JungoHR’s 2020 Onboarding Checklist offers a step-by-step outline of everything you need to do to onboard a new hire efficiently and successfully. Download it today.