Ensure all training is accomplished in a timely and efficient manner

Automate the training and development process to create training resources; manage registration, attendance, and assessments; and gain insights into employee progress and program success.


Create Customized Training

Create tailored and customized training projects for groups of employees.

Schedule Training

Create custom training schedules for your employees easily and quickly.

Name Trainers

Name internal staff members as subject matter experts on the specific area they are going to be training.


See a dynamic dashboard of training courses by category, assigned courses, completed courses and pending courses.


Create completing certificates and feedback questions on completed training and export the information as needed.


Run reports on employee training, assigned courses, pending courses, individual trainers, training needs assessments and training events. Filter reports by employee, training type, training subjects, nature of training, trainer or training title.

Build a better business by understanding where your training gaps are

Build trust by showing your employees you are invested in their continuing growth and learning.