The importance of team building for your remote staff cannot be understated. When a team cannot see each other, it’s easy to suspect others of not pulling their weight. Micromanagement might look like it’s keeping everyone accountable, but it often leads to lower team morale and less productivity.

How can you avoid these outcomes? That’s where team building comes in. People need to be able to connect and interact with each other in non-competitive, social environments. When you remember to connect with your team members outside of work, it reinforces the idea that you’re all working towards the same goals.

Organizing team-building events isn’t always easy. Even when there aren’t lockdowns and restrictions on gatherings, it can be tough to get remote teams together.

Virtual solutions do exist, and a lot of them are pretty fun. You may have already tried a happy hour Zoom meeting, but a year into this situation, it might feel a little stale. Revitalize your virtual engagement efforts with these fun ideas.

Try Some Trivia or a Gameshow

Choose one person to be the gameshow “host” and organize your remote staff into teams. They should nominate one person as a spokesperson to deliver their answers. Encourage them to create private chat groups outside of the video call, so they can hash out their answers together before the spokesperson calls it in.

You can make the questions about the office or known areas of expertise for the team. You might even ask your remote staff to submit a couple of questions themselves, then add some of them to the list.

Gameshows can go beyond trivia, including charades or pictographs. Just make sure the software you’re using supports these functions. Don’t forget to offer prizes.

Solve a Puzzle Together

Escape rooms can be great team-building activities, though they are less accessible for your remote teams. The good news is that many escape room operations moved online over the last year. That means remote teams can participate in the virtual experience together. It offers all the same team-building benefits of a regular escape room, as well as the sense of satisfaction when the team works well enough together to solve the puzzle and get out.

A virtual murder mystery could offer some of the same benefits. Much like the escape room, your team will need to come together to solve clues and figure out “whodunnit.”

Take a Trip Together

Virtual tours are all the rage right now, letting people escape if just for a little while. It’s a new form of tourism that lets you experience almost any destination from the comfort of your own home.

Gather the team and tour a location together in real-time. Many events are advertised online, so compile a potential list of places to visit and have the team vote. You can choose a new destination once a month or once a week. Globetrotting together and seeing the amazing sights is a great way to spend time together, while also learning and experiencing something new.

If there are local museums that offer virtual tours, this could be another fun experience for the team.

Relax Together

A virtual mediation class and a virtual water colour painting class have some of the same goals: relaxing. Your team is under a fair amount of stress, and that could affect their view of each other. Invite them to chill with you while completing a relaxing activity together. You’ll all feel better for having participated.

These are just some of the ideas floating around out there. There are plenty of ways to connect with your team. Sparking their desire to learn, travel, or create can help engage them with each other and with their work too.

Looking for more insights about managing your remote team? We have plenty! Check in with our expert team to learn more about best practices and how technology can help you deliver a better remote work experience.