Wellness Hris

Keep your workplace safe by harnessing the power of the wellness module

The safety of your employees is priority number one. With the wellness module, you can screen for symptoms, track, report, and update on all Covid-19 related information.


Symptoms Screening& Analysis

Send employees Covid-19 Symptoms Screening questionnaires on a daily basis. Be among the first to know if your employee has symptoms or is diagnosed with Covid-19.

Contact Tracing

Help stop the spread to other employees by using the contact tracing features of the Wellness module. Clear employees for in-office work where they show no symptoms or have been tested negative.

Wellness Reporting

Run reports on Symptoms, Contact Tracing in both spreadsheet and graphical format which are easily exported in multiple formats.

It’s more important than ever to protect your employees and keep them healthy

Book your customized demo today, and start using the Wellness module for all your covid-19 tracking and reporting needs.