With December coming to a close and most organizations looking forward to hitting the ground running in January, your business has likely gone over its year-end reports, to review the successes and challenges you faced in 2020.


In doing your review, you probably also took some time to think about your HR strategy for this year. 

Many businesses roll out new technological tools and policies at the start of the new year. In the HR department, that might mean adopting a new onboarding process, scheduling performance reviews, or rolling out a new benefits package.

It might also mean it’s time to switch providers for your human resources information system. Why would you undertake this task in January? There are a few reasons it’s a great idea to switch at the start of the new year.

Some HRIS Contracts Are Expiring and Being Renewed

Take a look at the expiration date on your current contract. Many businesses like to sign contracts to end December 31, so they can begin the new year with a new contract or even switch between providers.

Not every contract ends on December 31, of course, but yours might. You may already be in the process of reviewing other service contracts and renewing them.

Naturally, this isn’t the only reason January might be the right time to switch providers, but it can make the start of the new year the right time to switch.

You’re Conducting a Review of Employee Information

As the new year begins, you might look over your existing employee information. You may also be preparing for performance reviews, or taking stock of your compensation plan or your policies about leave.

If you’re planning to implement new policies or reviewing data already, switching HRIS providers is merely going one step further. If you’re already in the system making changes, it’s often just as easy to move the information over to a new provider.

Hiring Slows Down In December

The fall is a busy season for most businesses, and yours may be no exception. You may not have had time to consider switching providers for your human resource information system before now.

The spring can also be busy. Why not switch HRIS providers now, so you can be ready when those busy seasons hit?

Hiring, in particular, hits a slump in December, so you may find your HR team has more free time on their hands to do additional research regarding your a potential HRIS solution. It’s the perfect time to undertake a project like that, and will allow your business to hit the ground running in January.

It Can Help You Prepare for the Rest of the Year

Switching in January means you have the rest of the year to take advantage of all the new features of your new system. You’ll also have some time to get acquainted with it before the busy spring season.

The new system can provide you with powerful insights into your HR activities. You should be able to update and adjust your strategy as you move through the year.

It Can Help You Meet Budget Goals

The new year often means a new budget will soon be coming into play. There may also be new regulations coming into effect that put pressure on your bottom line.

Switching HRIS providers in January can help you take an immediate step towards meeting your budgeting goals.

It’s Easy to Do

Of course, with today’s HRIS providers, you may not need much time to make a switch. The expert support team can make switching between one provider and another a simple, painless experience for you and your HR team. Why not get started right now?

If you’re thinking about switching providers for your HRIS, why delay? Start your research by talking to some of the best providers around. They can help you determine your needs and start the new year on the right foot.